To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Stallone Writes Well. No Really.

You're a damn dirty liar. Even if I'm willing accept what everyone says about Rocky, and I'm not, it had to have been ghost written. HAD to have been...

I'm working on a story for the Rocky about the upcoming glut of video games we're about to be submitted to. I went through the release calendar between now and the end of the year and only including like the very good, to the OMG good games, I count about 50. FIFTY. WHAT THE FUCK! Someone better start delaying shit, because not only can no one buy all of those games, no one can play review...for angry editors. Come on man, give a writer a break.I imagine a sort of apocalyptic Christmas where people literally waste away playing these games, where games like Bioshock and Lair get bargain binned... OK that last thing isn't going to happen, but 50?

What you missed:Dead Rising 2 Phhhht, I give you Dead Island ONE I play Everyday Shooter live on the PS3 and yap a lot about cheating Jaffe making three PS3 Exclusives, one had better have the words Metal, Twisted and Three in it, not in that order The Warhawk PS3 Server Farm New Top Spin 360 Bundle in stores Microsoft fesses up, all Premium 360s getting HDMI


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