Fire Pro Wrestling Returns With Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns With Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

fpwr_ps2.jpgProfessional wrestling aficionados who are willing to turn a blind eye to lo-fi graphics and licensed characters will welcome news that publisher Agetec is bringing the Fire Pro Wrestling series stateside, announcing a PlayStation 2 release today. It’s really not much to look at, but the awkwardly titled Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is sure to be a hit with 2D wrestling fans who weren’t satisfied by games like NES Pro Wrestling or Sega’s Wrestle War.

It’s definitely going to be shunned by graphics whores, but the venerable series, now some two-dozen releases deep has always been lauded for its gameplay. Read how enthused everyone involved in the project is after the jump.AGETEC TO RELEASE FIRE PRO WRESTLING RETURNS FOR PLAYSTATION®2 SYSTEM

Hugely Popular Wrestling Game Will Finally Debut In North America

SUNNYVALE, CA – August 8, 2007 – Agetec, Inc. today announced that it will be publishing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Previously released only for the Game Boy Advance in North America, this will mark the first time the acclaimed series will be available on PlayStation 2 system in this country without visiting an importer.

Since 1989, the Fire Pro Wrestling series has been considered the gameplay benchmark that all other wrestling titles are compared to in Japan. Agetec’s localisation of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns for PlayStation 2 system – considered by fans to be the best of the entire series – will finally give gamers who have been hearing about this series for years the chance to experience its unparalleled depth and customisation.

“We have been working for years to bring the Fire Pro series to North America,” said Mark Johnson, producer for Agetec, Inc. “Now that we’re finally cleared to publish the game, the real work begins. We’re doing everything we can to make sure the game is translated successfully without taking away one iota from the gameplay that’s made this Fire Pro a fan favourite.”

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns will be released for the PlayStation 2 system in North America in during the holiday season of this year.

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