Wii Firmware Updated

Wii Firmware Updated

wii3.jpgNo, that glowing blue light on your Wii is not taking the piss. There’s actually new content! The Wii’s firmware has been updated to version 3, bringing along a whole load of changes, most of which are minor, cosmetic or go largely unnoticed. Though the digital clock on the main Wii menu is a nice touch. Click through for a full rundown.This is straight from Nintendo:

Wii Menu
– The weather forecast will now be displayed on the Forecast Channel icon in the Wii Menu.
– Headline news will now be displayed on the News Channel icon in the Wii Menu.
– The current time will now be displayed in the Wii Menu.
– The area around the Wii Message Board button will now flash when a message arrives..

Wii Message Board
– You’re now able to rearrange the order of your Wii Friends in the address book.
– You’re now able to go into the Wii Friends registration screen by pressing the A Button on a blank spot in the address book.
– Envelope message icons will now appear on the calendar only on the dates when a message is received.
– Your message sending history will now be displayed in Today’s Accomplishments.
– You can now scroll the message text by pressing the B button on the message screen.

Wii Shop Channel
– The search function on Virtual Console has been enhanced.

Those are the main ones. There’s a few other minor, minor tweaks regarding sound effects and things like that but you’d be hard pressed noticing them even if we told you. So we won’t bother. Anyways, go, enjoy, play with the new search functions, and sleep safely knowing that a digital representation of the time is only a press of the home button away.


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