First Impressions

paxlogo.jpg2007 has been a landmark year for me. I had my first E3, my first GDC, my first Comic Con and today, my first PAX. I wasn't really sure what to expect, not really having anything to compare it to, and knowing that I would be the lone Kotaku representative at this momentous event was a little more than daunting. Seeing as it was the first day, I decided to take it a bit easy, see the keynote and try and get a general lay of the land before diving in headfirst.Accompanied by my friend Chris Furniss, I made my way into the Seattle Convention Center which I was assured was much larger than last year's venue. I was impressed that they had managed to take over four floors of the building and filled them with gaming rooms of all kinds. Board games, card games, dice games and of course computer and video games.

Giant Sumo chairs filled the sides of the hallways and exhausted gamers were plopped down, resting, eating or playing with their DSs. There were even dedicated lounging areas devoted to different assortments of friendly handheld gaming competitions and freeplay. The top floor was dominated by a massive LAN room and the exhibit hall featuring booths by all the major companies and sporting a rather impressive amount of swag.

It seems a sort of a cross between Comic Con and E3 but with a much more relaxed atmosphere. An air of casualness seemed to permeate the whole affair with everyone genuinely having a stress free good time. Something tells me tomorrow will be a slightly different story given the shows history of a growing crowd and the obvious popularity of Saturday conventions. But so far so good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a full but relaxing day tomorrow. They are opening the place an hour early for the press so hopefully I'll be able to haul my carcass down there for a round of Rock Band before the teeming crowds arrive. Wish me luck...


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