Flirting With Girls

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: What’s The Longest You’ve Spent In Setting Up An Interview?

Like I said in the comments, I believe I spent nearly a year trying to set up, and eventually managing to set up, an interview with Diane Zamora’s family when I was working a the Startlegram. Funny thing, the interview never made it into the paper for lots of reasons, but ultimately it was my decision.

So today Tristan came home from school with a warning from his first grade teacher. Apparently he was caught “flirting with girls” in his classroom and passing notes to them. Wow! I’m not sure whether to punish him or congratulate him.

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K, I’m off to drink beer and pack for Leip. (Yes, it’s a bit early but I’m going to Vegas for a long-weekend before heading to Germany.)

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