Former Sega Campaign Girl “Live Face” Mask

Former Sega Campaign Girl “Live Face” Mask

oguramask.jpg Just because space cadet Yuko Ogura is no longer Sega’s “image character” doesn’t mean we can’t post non-news about her. Oh no. Once a SEGA spokesperson, always a SEGA spokesperson! Above is a an official Yuko Ogura LIVE MASK. Just take a gander at that! Are you creeped out? We are totally creeped out. And it takes a lot to creep us out.

Eds Note: To bring everyone up to speed, Yuko Ogura was a two-time SEGA “image character” and even appeared in a SEGA produced kids’ show. Ogura claimed to be from an apple-shaped star called Korin, but has since shied away from that nutty claim realising that people don’t take seriously girls who say they’re aliens. SEGA has since replaced Ogura with the more normal Satomi Ishihara.
Ogura Mask [Tokyo Times]


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