Future Of Graphics Is User-Made Content

okamienzo.jpgAddressing the 2007 SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics) conference, EA's visual and tech officer Glenn Entis has said he believes the future of graphics lies in user-generated content. As graphics advance, he says, sooner or later we'll hit the point where they become as good as they'll get - and once they get there there'll be challenges. Where do you go when you don't have to worry about increasing the fidelity of graphics, and just have to worry about making things look nice? User-generated content, that's where.

Do not underestimate people's desire for self expression and self creativity. Social networking and self content sites like You Tube, MySpace, Facebook are leading the way. This is the rebirth of creativity in the hands of the many.

Man may have a point. I reckon I spent about 10 hours driving a car in Forza 2. And twice as long painting the damn things. Sure, some may say it was a waste of time, but damned if my racing-striped 69 Camaro wasn't better looking than anything that came bundled with the game. Future of game graphics could hinge on user-made content [Develop]


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