Len Wiseman May Direct Gears Of War Film

gowdirector.pngLen Wiseman, director of Live Free or Die Hard and both Underworld films is said to be in negotiations to direct New Line Cinema's Gears of War film. He's a fairly hot director at the moment, especially after building the looking-to-flop Underworld into a franchise making over $US200 million worldwide. Since I haven't seen any of his three directed films, I'll refrain from judgment (at least until after the jump).

I will say, however, that anyone bitching on the topic should remember that while Gears is a great game, it had a superficial, complete piece of crap storyline built upon Hollywood cliches. The only reason the IP is worth a dime outside of the gaming world is its brilliant art direction. In my eyes, no director can screw up a narrative experience that was worthless in the first place.

Which Directors Will Get to Helm Gears of War... [via aintitcoolnews]


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