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To: Ash and Flynn
From: Crecente
Re: My Face Friggin Hurts

We had our second Game Club discussion group meeting last night. The room filled up pretty quickly and people both took to a reader-run IRC and the site to keep abreast of the discussions about the indie game. It’s hard from my perspective, so close to the centre of this thing, to figure out if it’s working and if people like it. I’m a bit more worried about the first question than I am the second. I hope that the Game Club is getting people to think about video games, or at least this video game, differently than they have in the past. Not to say people haven’t long had thoughtful discussions about things they find interesting, including video games, but my hope is that that will become more the norm than an oddity.A lot of people seem to be talking about the idea outside of the site, I saw that the Chronicle of Higher Education even had a reference to it. And I’ve heard of a couple of similar clubs forming up this month as well. Next week will be the last meeting for this game and then we move on to a full-blown retail title, something that both excites and scares me a bit.

I’ve had a couple of ideas about tweaks to make. I think from now on the first meeting will always be just myself and the gamers in the club, but for the following meetings I’m going to try and get special guests to sit in and mix things up a bit. I managed to convince Stephen Totilo to help out last night and he really helped to keep the discussion moving forward. We ended up getting into this conversation about cliches and whether there are any new ideas left to be tried, not just in video games, but in literature as well.

Anyway, here’s to next week. Have a good weekend.

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