Game Club Meeting Tonight

We’ll be gathering in our collective reading rooms and haberdasheries to talk about Mr. Robot tonight. As usually meet-up here at 9:30 p.m. Eastern to either follow along with the discussion on the site or get your foot in the door of the Campfire discussion room. (Sorry, I wasn’t able to work out the IRC stuff in time for this meeting.) Remember, you should try and play through the end of the Cryo section by the meeting tonight. As a special treat MTV’s Stephen Totilo, certainly one of the best analytical minds around when it comes to game discussion, will be joining us tonight to talk Mr. Robot and prove just how idiotic I sound when compared to his brainy ruminations, but mostly to talk Mr. Robot.
Mr. Robot Assignment Two

PS. I know haberdashery doesn’t make sense, but I like using the word, besides I’m sure at least one person will be signing in from a store.

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