Mr. Robot Reminder

Mr. Robot Reminder

Wow, it’s like uni all over again. I was up till 3:30 this morning cramming for our Mr. Robot Game Club, I suspect I wasn’t the only one. Having nearly played through the first assignment, I can attest that there is no way in hell this is an eight hour game. Which is a good thing. My wife, suspicious that she may have married a lacklustre gamer, is suspicious that perhaps I just suck at Mr. Robot, but I’m assuming those of you playing along have noticed that the game is much longer than we originally thought…. someone… anyone?

Oh, I noticed some questions about where to stop. I've included the above screenshot of the hub room to help you out. Remember you're going to want to play through the intro, which ends at the hub room, and then through the Storage level until you get back to the hub room. Yes, that takes foreverrrrrrrrrr. The last two levels, which we will break up into separate assignments, are through those two other doors. Don't go through them, not yet.

We will be meeting tonight at 9:30 p.m. Eastern. Just come to the site and look for the Game Club Mr Robot Discussion post. And bring smarty-pants questions and an open, thoughtful mind.

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