Game Ease Habilitation

Game Ease Habilitation

matheny_ball-thumb.jpg William Vitka over at the New York Post has a bittersweet post up that deals with how games are provide escapism in a New Jersey habilitation center. From the piece:

Chris Saglimbene, who lives the life of the mind, the only life he can live, is a gamer. Thanks to the ravages of cerebral palsy, he will never walk, but he smiles a toothy grin as he looks over the back of his motorised wheelchair. He just hit a line drive, playing MLB: The Show on his PlayStation 2.

Video games are his escape. For now, he can forget that he’s inherited a train wreck of a body.

“Some days,” Chris says, “I will admit they are very hard to deal with.” Everyday activities are struggles. Video games afford him the opportunity to be whoever he wants to be, confides Chris. When he games, he is the Mets’ Tom Glavine. He strikes out three batters in a row.

Chris says that video games centre and anchor him. When critics attack video games, they are attacking Chris. Even broadsides against violent content are nothing more than “bull” according to him.

It’s a touching, poetic write-up. Swing by, take a read and tell ’em Kotaku sent cha.
The Man Who Killed Himself 99 Times [NY Post]

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