GamePro Sides With 360 And PS2

kids%20in%20class%20020.jpgIn GamePro's Fall 2007 report card, they've picked the Xbox 360 and PS2 as the systems to buy. While the Xbox lost a lot of points on its hardware grade (D-), the two consoles were chosen because of an incredible selection of games. As for the Wii and PS3—they simply haven't matured enough—so they are both put in the 'wait and see' category. (Ed note: I just made up said category on GamePro's behalf. I'm sure they won't mind.)

So without starting a flame war, which systems are your current must-have picks and why? I'm inclined to agree with GamePro, though no Nintendo DS on the list? Are they freaking crazy? Once again, are they freaking crazy??

Feature: Game Console Report Card — Fall 2007 edition [gamepro]


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