Games Convention Is A GREAT Place To Play Wii Sports

wii_sports_again.jpgNintendo's 2006 mega-hit Wii Sports isn't just a hit with stroke victims and alpha moms, the Germans love it, too. Capitalising on the opportunity to finally show Wii Sports to the three attendees of Games Convention who haven't yet played Wii Sports—I presume having just been released from a long prison stay or pulled from a nine month stay in a well—Nintendo has opted to dedicate nearly a quarter of its 28 display kiosks to the game.How many for Super Mario Galaxy? Two. Yes, two. That's one more than both Super Paper Mario, Zack & Wiki and Metroid Prime 3. Good work, Nintendo! Who'd want to play Super Mario Galaxy, or any of these other non-minigames, when they could spend a handful of hours creating Miis then watching them walk about a flat plane?

The title that has the biggest Nintendo presence at Games Convention is Wii Fit, available for standing on at seven demo kiosks.

Given this great news, one might feel a bit defeated. However, it's not too late to book your flight to Germany. If you head to the airport now, you could be playing Wii Sports and watching the line for Super Mario Galaxy swell to the teens by, say, Friday. How could you possibly pass up this opportunity?


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