Games Make Better Horror Than Movies

nighttrap.jpgMovies used to be scary, but not anymore. Games, are scary. That's the argument made by Wired's Clive Thompson, who's currently peeing his pants over BioShock:

...the best scary-game designers have quietly perfected the interplay of tension and release that makes for a truly cardiac horror experience. They have, in a sense, become even more faithful interpreters of the horror tradition movies than Hollywood directors.

Can't help but agree with the man. Maybe not on BioShock, for some reason I'm more disturbed than terrified by it, but games like AvP, AvP 2, Doom 3...had to play those with the lights on. And my blankie. Which I don't think I've had to do with a movie in the past, oh, 15-20 years. Gore Is Less: Videogames Make Better Horror Than Hollywood [Wired]


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