The Family Gamer On The Current Generation

familygamer.jpgOne of the things I enjoy about the internet, and gaming in particular, is getting other people's views on games and how they see them, because let's face it, everybody plays and enjoys games differently. has a great little article up from the perspective of a family gamer. A guy with a wife and a couple kids and how they enjoy gaming together is quite different from say, the way I enjoy games with my friends. It's a smart and funny that and takes a look at current gen gaming through the eyes of a parent:

We'll only really be able to tell how successful this generation is when they have been around a while. Once our PS3's have been battered and scratched by various two year olds, our Wii's have had all manner of thin items inserted in their slots and our stylus-less DS's are played with a cocktail stick, only then can we sit back and see how well this generation's gaming project has worked out.

Thankfully, my friends don't come over and stick things in my Wii (there's just no really good way to word that is there?) and put scratches on my PS3, at least not if they value their lives. Just goes to prove my point though, one man's test of a system's worth is very different from another's. The Family Gamer: A little Mii time []


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