GC Asia Announced Just To Piss Us Off

passed-out-bear.jpg ENOUGH WITH THE SHOWS. E3 ends, and shortly after that, there's Leipzig. Just after that, there is PAX. Then? Then we've got the Tokyo Games Show. But between PAX and TGS, there's GC Asia, which runs from September 6-9 in Singapore. Sony will be in appearance at GCA, showing off PS3 and PSP games, while Nintendo will be using the event to launch the Wii in the region (cue Wii Sports kiosks). Also, Electronic Arts will be showing off 15 titles, including Crysis, FIFA 08 and Rock Band. Expect appearances by Blizzard and Nokia NGage as well!

Seriously. Event organisers, spread this stuff out so we can actually cover it all without dying. This is getting RIDICULOUS. GC Asia Info [Games Industry]


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