Get Family Guy On Your Xbox Live

family20guy.jpg Fox's Family Guy is headed to Xbox Live. The first two seasons will be available for purchase for 160 Microsoft points (about USD$2) per episode. The series has yet to hit rival VOD Apple's iTunes. According to 20th Century Fox exec Jamie McCabe:

This is our first one (VOD for XBL)... We hope to have other content on there, but right now with the launch of 'Halo 3' and the launch of the new season of Family Guy coming out, the timing really worked well for this one.

The show's target (males 18-24) dovetails nicely with Xbox 360 owners. As McCabe points out, "It's about as prefect demographic fit as we can get." I've actually never really seen Family Guy. The show really took off after I got to Japan and starting watch kooky variety shows. Is it any good? Isn't it just a Simpsons clone? Family Guy on XBL [Reuters]


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