Ghost Recon Creative Director Bungie Jumps

Ghost Recon Creative Director Bungie Jumps

christianallen.jpgChristian Allen started at Red Storm back in 2002 as an assistant designer, working his way up over the past five years to the lofty post of Creative Director. After being involved in the development of just about everything Ghost Recon during his five-year stint, Allen has jumped ship, taking a Design Lead position at Bungie. From his personal blog:

I’ve accepted a Design Lead position at Bungie, where I’ll be working on something a bit different than Ghost Recon. August 10th was my last day as a Sr Designer/Creative Director at RSE and Ubisoft.

A bit different than Ghost Recon? That could be anything from Halo to My Little Ducky Adventure. Curse your carefully worded blog post Christian Allen! Congratulations too, but mostly curses. Oh the curses I give.

Letter to the Community [Ubisoft Forums – Thanks Mike!]

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