LocoRoco Creator Fighting The Good Fight

kounomcwhertorendless.jpg Tsutomu Kouno is a creative guy. Hey, he created LocoRoco. Thing is, he works for a big multi-national corporation. Guys in suits aren't known for their creativity — even at Sony. So imagine the bewilderment Kouno got trying to explain LocoRoco to them. He recalls:

To start off with, the upper management didn't understand the idea. It was hard to communicate, so I tried to show them what it would be like moving — I created the demo and then they went for it...They liked the concept of rotating the world to move the LocoRocos to the goal, but they didn't understand what I meant when I said I wanted to apply AI to the LocoRoco and put other AI creatures in it — they couldn't see how that would be interesting or fun.

And dear reader, please don't be so naive to think that this is unique to Sony, but rather, sadly prevalent in the gaming industry. Bright side: Dude got to make his game. It all worked out! Uphill Fight [Develop Mag]


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