Call Of Duty 4 Beta Not US-Only After All?

cod4.jpgFirst we're told by Activision that the Call of Duty 4 beta is US-only. Now Infinity Ward are telling us it's not! is, but only for a little while, until they can get it all sorted out and get everyone else onboard. An IW rep has told us:

As for who is eligible for the Beta, there was some confusion caused this week stating that the Beta would be US-exclusive, however that statement was premature, because we have not finalised final details on who would be involved in the beta at this point. In order to get started, and kick off the beta we will begin in the United States, but are looking to go International and currently sorting out those details.

His bold. Not mine. So it's US-only for now. Everyone else, go fix yourself a cup of tea, play some Mario Strikers, and in a few weeks everything will hopefully be hunkey-dorey.


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