Gizmondo Exec's Ferrari Crash Resurrected In Bizarre Twist

enzo_engine.jpgWhile the Gizmondo handheld device was almost immediately forgettable, the storied lives of its executives, especially notorious "Uppsula mafioso" Stefan Eriksson, have stayed with us much longer than the failed device. Today, the bizarre yarn of Eriksson's Ferrari Enzo crash in Malibu adds another thread. The mysterious "Dietrich", an otherwise unidentified German man whom Eriksson told police was driving the rare wrecked sports car, was finally arrested by police."Dietrich", according to a report from the LA Times, is actually Trevor Michael Karney, now in custody on charges of drunk driving, resisting arrest and providing false information to a police officer.

Karney allegedly backed up Eriksson's claim that the then-Gizmondo employee was not driving the car, but that someone else who fled the scene after the accident was responsible for destroying the million dollar ride. Police found that Karney was actually filming Eriksson shattering the speed limit with a video camera when the Swede cleaved his Enzo in two with a sharp telephone pole.

Police say man is mysterious 'Dietrich' in Ferrari crash [LA Times]


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