G-Phoria Awards Air Tonight

G-Phoria Awards Air Tonight

webbalert.JPGDon’t forget, X-Play’s annual G-Phoria awards is airing tonight on G4. The show announced winners in a ton of different categories, but the twist is that the winners are selected by viewers, or at least the people who hit up the poll on their site.

Categories include:
“¢ Best System
“¢ Best New Character
“¢ Hottest Videogame Babe
“¢ Best Strategy Game
“¢ Best Sports Game
“¢ Best Action Game
“¢ Best RPG
“¢ Best Handheld Game
“¢ Most Original Game
“¢ Best Multiplayer Game
“¢ Best Downloadable Content
“¢ Best Voiceover
“¢ Best Graphics
“¢ Best Soundtrack
“¢ Longest Lasting Game
“¢ Game Most Deserving of an Uwe Boll Movie Adaptation
“¢ Game of the Year

The show will be hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT tonight on G4. Hit the link to vote…early and often.

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