MapleStory To Get Card Game

MapleStory To Get Card Game

maplestoryscreen.jpg Nexon and Wizards of the Coast have paired up to offer the US and Canada the ‘MapleStory iTrading Card Game (iTCG),’ starting this November (aren’t we so lucky?). The cards will offer players the chance to, uh, do the card battle thing, but also give access to new (and exclusive, mind you) parts of the regular game. I’m having bad flashbacks to elementary school, when Magic: The Gathering was all the rage.

With the introduction of the MapleStory iTCG, Wizards of the Coast and Nexon are partnering to take TCGs to the next level by giving players a fully integrated experience between the online and offline worlds. “Unlike codes in other TCGs that redeem online for limited value vanity items, codes in the MapleStory iTCG will unlock exclusive online rewards and game experiences such as highly sought-after artefacts, rare virtual pets, and all-new quests.” Says Laura Tommervik, Brand Manager, Wizards of the Coast. The iTCG is also a great way for long-time TCG players to learn about the magical world of MapleStory through a familiar format.

Are there really card game players who need the lure of a new marketing directive to pick up a free to play online game?

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