Grave Cleaning/Kotaku Facebook Group Joining

To: Crecente and Flynn
From: Ashcraft
RE: Travelling Man

Spent the weekend in Kyoto, cleaning the in-laws’ family grave. O-bon is a huge holiday in Japan. You can read all about it right here. The country kinda grinds to a halt this week, which means Japanese game news might be slow-ish.

My wife’s family is all pretty much from Osaka, but the family grave is in Kyoto. Basically, we loaded up and went to some mountain in Kyoto Prefecture and pulled weeds out of the family grave. Unlike most American graves, it’s more than a marker and a plot of dirt. Their family grave has a super short staircase that leads to a square block of rock and obelisk. Pulling weeds for dead people isn’t nearly as grim as it sounds.

The amazing thing was that there were graves for Westerners in this remote cemetery. They had lived and died in Kyoto like almost a hundred years ago. Can you imagine?

What you missed last night:Lots of squeezing here
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Oh! Reader Jared passed along word that the “I (heart) KOTAKU” Facebook has been created. It’s an open group, so anyone can join. Even you, Crecente. 😉

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