GTA Batman, Okami On Wii & Milking Kingdom Hearts

KDH.jpgTime for another round of Quartermann rumours from EGM. Ever wonder how accurate these are? You're so missing the point. These are for entertainment value! This month, three rumours, and they're three awesome rumours. Awesome, that is, if you like getting your hopes up, only to have them cruelly dashed six months later when you remember none of them actually came to pass.1) Okami IS coming to the Wii, and is an "upgraded port". I'd presume this meant 16:9, since that's all it really needs.

2) There's a Batman game in the works that's very sandbox/GTA, and it's based on the current Batman film series.

3) Square are about to grab Kingdom Hearts by the teet and squeeze it for all its worth, with spinoffs and prequels soon to be announced across all consoles.

The first? We've been there before, so let's not get our hopes up. The second? Interesting. The third? INEVITABLE.

Quartermann: Kingdom Hearts Prequels Coming [1UP]


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