Guitar Hero III Achievements Revealed

275px-Guitar-hero-iii-cover-image.jpgEven the crushing fun of PAX can't keep the boys from Xbox360Achievements from digging up the latest in achievements for your favourite 360 games. This time they bring us the achievements for Guitar Hero III of which there are 59 equaling a total of 1000 points. Some highlights include: Hendrix Reborn - Complete Career Lefty and Righty - 10pts

Streak Master - Earn a 1000 note streak in Career or Quick Play - 20pts

Now That's Impressive - score 750,000 on a song - 20pts

Living Legends - 5 Star all Co-op songs on Expert - 75ptsI love seeing these and it makes me wonder what the achievements will be for Bully. Personally, I'm hoping for some points for Ballbuster - Successfully kick someone in the balls, Grand Theft Bicycle - Steal at least ten bikes and Bi-Curious - Kiss your first boy. Rockstar, if you're listening, PLEASE include that last one. And the ball kicking.

To see the entire list of all 59 GH III, check out


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