Hall Crawl: Hungry Like The Wolf

DSC00977.JPGWe are officially eight beers and about two Jager Bombs into the show. After hanging out at the Activision booth for way too long watching McWhertor pwn at Guitar Hero III, we realised we were out of time and high-tailed it to Hall number three where Sony and, more importantly, SingStar was located.We arrived just in time to find a clutch of booth babes and booth bucks hogging the machine doing a monstrously-bad rendition of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." The song, or attempt at a song, ended with the woman in charge of the microphone thanking everyone and tuning off the sound system. It took a little sweet talking by Mark, Mike and I before we convinced them to let us, sans beer, to get them to turn on the sound again and have a go at a song... specifically Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf", the drunk man's opus.

After knocking it out of the ballpark, Mike and I walked from the stage trying our best to keep the shrieking fans from tearing our t-shirts from our sweating backs. Fortunately, we found shelter in a beer garden where I sat to type this, perhaps my last bit of prose, out to you, our beloved readers. I gotta pee, back back later.

Michael McWhertor drunkenly copy edited this drunkenly written post.


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