Hall Crawl: Rock Me Like A Hurricane

http://kotaku.com/assets/resources/2007/08/DSC00965-thumb.JPGFuck 9:30 a.m., it's well into 5 p.m. here in Germany and we're well into our... um.. three Jagerbombs and five beers.. GERMAN beers. Around beer number two we noticed that the dank, stinking, littered halls of Games Convention had magically transformed into a sort of beer garden discotheque Valhalla replete with booth babes, Germanic gamers and lots of alcohol. We've managed to squeeze in a couple more beers each as we wandered the halls, first waiting in line for a facial (Mark's idea), then after losing interesting taking pictures of flying BMXers and naked booth babes. We ended up, somehow, at the Activision booth waiting in line for WAY TOO LONG behind Activision employees for a chance to play Guitar Hero 3.

I was hammering away at medium and Mark at expert when a Kotakuite came up to say "Hi". We sat and talked a bit and then I hopped online to post this lovely bit of almost-drunken prose.

And then Mark streaked around the Activision booth: The end!



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