Halo 3 Launch Not Competing With Other Games

halobk.jpgNope, Microsoft think Halo 3 has gotten so big Halo 3's launch will now be competing with movie openings. Microsoft director of creative marketing Chris Di Cesare:

Our competition isn't other videogames. We put it on the plane with other entertainment launches, versus other game launches.

Think they're bluffing? Not with the amount of cash they're sinking into this thing. Halo 3 Halo 3 Halo 3. Not only are we gonna get Halo 3 ads up the wahzoo from now until the game launches, and tie-ins like Halo 3 Mountain Dew, we're also going to see a big deal with GM where Pontiac cars will tour the country shilling the game, and a Halo 3-branded G6 GXP Street will be given away in a competition. And if that's not enough (it is, but that won't stop them), Burger King will also be running a Halo 3 meal. Halo 3 Halo 3 Halo 3. Best part? That cola is 42 ounces. Not being one to deal in ounces, I looked that up. It's 1.2 LITRES. That little part at the bottom of the cup is so your human hand can grip it. Jesus, nobody needs that much cola. Halo 3. Here Comes 'Halo 3' - With a Side Order of Fries [Wall Street Journal]


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