Hang With A BioShock Big Daddy Near You

swedes_love_big_daddies.jpgUK game outlet GAME isn't the only retail outlet invaded by BioShock's life-size Big Daddy. A bunch—okay, six—Gamestop-owned retail stores will also be hosting the hulking cover stars of 2K Games' first person shooter. The Cult of Rapture site lists all the known locations providing homes to the brute, listed after the jump.

Gamers in New York, Utah, California, Texas and Washington state can recreate their own standing next to the Big Daddy scene, just like in the pic above. Or you can go with the always classic shot of yourself faux fellating the character. Sorry, attractive Swedish girlfriend not included in this offer.GameStop Broadway & 33rd 1282 Broadway New York, NY

GameStop Park Center 6949 S. Park Center Drive Salt Lake City, UT

EB Games San Franscisco/Powell Street 151 Powell Street San Francisco, CA

GameStop C/o Barnes & Noble 2201 Preston Road, Suite E Plano, TX

EB Games Universal Citywalk 1000 Universal Studios Blvd, Ste 101 Universal City, CA

GameStop Bellevue Square 248 Bellevue Square Bellevue, WA


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