Harrison Sheds LIght On US Plans PS3 DVR And PSP TV

Harrison Sheds LIght On US Plans PS3 DVR And PSP TV

DSC00777.JPGPhil Harrison popped by my chair after the press conference to chat for a second about how it went and I had a second to ask him about how this news might impact the U.S. Specifically I wanted to know if North America had a chance of getting the DVR service for the Playstation 3 or a video download service for the PSP.The short answer, unfortunately, is no, well at least not yet.

The problem with the DVR is that the U.S. doesn’t have terrestrial digital television yet, so while some cities like San Diego have it not nearly support in the U.S. to make it worth the effort for Sony. When that changes, and it will, Sony will be on the ball, Harrison said.

Unfortunately, things look much bleaker for the Sky service being rolled out in Europe. There is nothing really nationwide in the U.S. that delivers video content over the air by subscription. So, until that happens we won’t be seeing that in the U.S.

Ps. Harrison is almost exactly one foot taller than me.

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