California Video Game Law Terminated In Federal Court

California Video Game Law Terminated In Federal Court

terminator_endoskeleton.jpgGame Politics is reporting that federal judge Ronald Whyte has ruled the 2005 California law targeting “ultra-violent” video games unconstitutional, ruling that “evidence does not establish that video games, because of their interactive nature or otherwise, are any more harmful than violent television, movies, internet sites or other speech-related exposures.”

The bill, authored by former child psychologist and then-speaker pro tem for the California State Assembly Leland Yee, was signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in October of 2005. Judge Whyte issued an injunction in December of that year, but did not issue a ruling on the law until today.

That law would have levied fines against retailers who rented or sold video games to minors that featured violence that was “especially heinous, cruel or depraved in that it involves torture or serious physical abuse to the victim.”

BREAKING: California 2005 Video Game Law Ruled Unconstitutional [Game Politics]

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