Folklore Building Bridges

10019110237.png Worst game title in recent memory? FolksSoul. There isn't even a space! Say it a few times out loud. It's truly rotten. No wonder they retitled this PS3 game for the Western market — though, Folklore isn't really that much better. Though, the developer certainly was banking that the game would appeal to both Western and Japanese gamers. Folklore producer Eric Fong says:

Folklore really seems to bridge any and all cultural gaps. Not only do the characters appeal to all audiences, but the themes of death, love, and redemption are about as universal as it gets. So far, anyone that has played Folklore immediately connects with it. The sound and graphics grab the player's attention, then the combat system and story line draws them into the experience.

Think we all can agree: The title still sucks. Not a fan of the font, either. Actual game looks alright. Fong Interview [PSU]


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