Have Wii Will Travel Insurance

Have Wii Will Travel Insurance

globestravel.jpgAt last, the full potential of the Nintendo Wii has been realised! When the system was first announced the great minds of the world began to fill with interesting, innovative and truly breakthrough uses for the unique gaming console, but this one trumps them all. Now you can use the Wii to buy travel insurance!

I’ll just let that sink in a moment. Go ahead, soak in it.

Online travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth has announced that Wii users can now use their console to compare and purchase travel insurance.

“The Wii also contains a downloadable web browser which allows users access to Squaremouth’s comparative travel insurance engine. “All of Squaremouth’s site functionality works perfectly on the Wii,” Harvey explains. “It’s quick and easy to compare products then make the purchase without the need to go to a computer.”

The fuck? These people went to all this trouble to issue a press release stating that they could be reached via the Wii web browser? Hell, Kotaku can be reached with the Wii web browser, but you don’t see us issuing a press release. Holy crap! I shouldn’t post this. Once wind of this gets around everyone with a website is going to want to declare themselves Wii compatible. It’ll be total chaos!

Seriously, the balls of this company. You have to admire them. There is no special Nintendo agreement. No Wii travel insurance shop channel like “Everybody Travels Dangerously!” Just a flimsy excuse to put their company name together with Wii. Bravo Squaremouth.

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