Haze Dev – PSN Equals Freedom

Haze Dev – PSN Equals Freedom

psnamerica.jpgHaze Project Lead Derek Littlewood has an interesting perspective on designing multiplayer for PSN as opposed to Xbox Live.

…on the one hand that’s a disadvantage, because developers will under-deliver compared to what Live provides. But at the same time, because it’s not as strongly defined, you have the freedom to do it in the way that you want to – in a way that may be more suitable to your game.

I think Microsoft has done an excellent job forcing a standard of quality on their platform. But with that standard out for the industry to live up to, it does open up an interesting opportunity for PS3 developers to innovate while, I’d hope, serving as an “on your honour” quality check across platforms. Give a penny, take a new UI.

Haze Developer: PSN Offers More Freedom Than Xbox Live [spong]

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