Free Radical Talks Wii, Miyamoto

Free Radical Talks Wii, Miyamoto

hazeface.JPGTalking with Free Radical Design’s Rob Yescombe and Derek Littlewood today, I asked them if they had seen the reaction Shigeru Miyamoto had to Haze. Both the video of his viewing the game and the reaction others felt he had to the game’s use of drugs.

Both said they had. Yescombe said he thinks that perhaps Miyamoto misunderstood the deeper meanings in the game and in particular how it uses the drug Nectar to make a point, a very anti-drug point.

“The game is pretty disturbing and to be fair that’s our intention,” he said. “Drugs in the game was something that we wanted to be very careful about.The over-arching message is that Nectar is an enormous mistake.”“We didn’t come up with the idea of including the drug first, we had the story and the distinction in gameplay ideas first and Nectar became a tool to get those points across.”

While on the topic of Nintendo, I asked the two what the thought of the Wii in general and if they’d ever make a game for it.

“Let’s just say there is a Wii in the office,” Yescombe said laughing.

Littlewood said on a personal level he is intrigued with the new form of control the Wii offer to both gamers and developers.

“Personally, as a gamer, I think it has definite potential (as a first-person shooter controller),” he said. “It can be done, you can get really great FPS controls with the Wii. I think it has huge potential there.”

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