Heavenly Sword Audio More Massive Than A DVD

heavenly_sword_sound.jpgHow big is Heavenly Sword? No idea, but the game's audio, from sound effects to music to cutscene dialogue amounts to a whopping 10 GB of data. With three and a half hours of music and 4500 lines of voice over work, in eleven languages, it apparently starts to add up. The Ninja Theory and SCEE Cambridge audio teams explain in a new Develop tutorial just how they went about packing the PLAYSTATION 3 game with that much audio.What they don't explain in the article, unfortunately for storage format war purposes, is whether that 10 GB footprint of sound takes up that much space on a Blu-ray disc. Is that the final compressed size? Or is that the master recording data? Semi-official Sony blog ThreeSpeech says says it's the former, so it's possible they took advantage of the extra storage and left much of it uncompressed.

If they're accurate, that's huge.

Heard About: Heavenly Sword [Develop]


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