Want Uncharted For PS3 Launch?

Want Uncharted For PS3 Launch?

15--screenshot_large.jpgRule of thumb: Launch titles suck. It’s not for a lack of good ideas, but rather, that they are rushed and the hardware is still a big friggin’ mystery. Jak & Daxter developer Naughty Dog decided to sit the launch out. Company co-president Evan Wells says:

We specifically didn’t want[Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune]to be a launch title… We wanted time to really understand the hardware.

According to Wells, that understanding has been aided by fellow Sony developer and “close friend” Insomniac, who created launch title Resistance. That launch game actually turned out okay, but it could’ve probably benefited from a little more time in the oven. Lesson here: Learn from other’s mistakes!

Aside: I played Uncharted at E3. I really liked the title, but Naughty Dog, PLEASE change how enemies are killed. In the demo I played, if you shoot someone a couple of times, they died. If you punched them a couple of times, they died. That makes no sense! Add a finishing moved like a neck snapping or something.
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