Hezbollah Launches Special Force 2

Hezbollah Launches Special Force 2

hezbollahflag.jpgFinally the sequel gamers around one tiny part of the world have been waiting for. After wowing players with 2003’s Special Force, which featured Hezbollah fighters defending against Israeli attacks, Hezbollah computer experts strike back with Special Force 2. The game, released yesterday, recreates key events of last year’s 34-day conflict between Israel and the guerrilla group.

“This game presents the culture of the resistance to children: that occupation must be resisted and that land and the nation must be guarded,” Hezbollah media official Sheikh Ali Daher said.

So while we’re over here trying to assure everyone that gaming doesn’t cause violent behaviour in children, the Hezbollah is over there doing pretty much just that. Now of course I am not involved in the continuing conflict between Lebanon and Israel in anything more than a seeing it on the news or on the internet capacity, so as a relatively complete outsider all I can say is it is interesting to see that even in a nation steeped with conflict, video games are prevalent enough to be used in such a fashion. In a way it is a form of edutainment, albeit a bizarro one.

Don’t think this is a simple run and gun FPS either.

“The features which are the secret of resistance’s victory in the south, have moved to this game so that the child can understand that fighting the enemy does not only require the gun.

“It requires readiness, supplies, armament, attentiveness, tactics.”

“Fighting the enemy does not only require the gun.” Ah yes, where would we be without Sun Tzu?

The game is retailing for a mere $US10, with a staff of volunteers handling production duties, and if the hundreds of reported preorders are any indication, demand is pretty strong for the title. All I can say is this is one gaming franchise I hope doesn’t have to continue.

Hezbollah brings Israel war to computer screen
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