Hitman Actor On Hitman Game: "Not Familiar"

hitman-olyphant-talks.jpg This October, the Hitman is coming, baby-faced actor and all. You excited? Maybe hearing actor Timothy Olyphant talking about how he's not familiar with the game will make you eager to check out this flick:

...the important thing is I really think we did as best we could to be really respectful of the game. The filmmaker's a real big fan of the game going in. I was not familiar with it at all, so I really came at it from a fresh look. The script in front of me was my primary focus of the story that they handed me. We had a lovely combination of, on one hand, to be respectful of the source material and, on the other hand, not be a slave to it but be inspired by it.

New standard Hollywood game adaptation line: There have been so many bad game movies, but we're trying to stay true to the game. Not too true, though. Get used to it, gamer people. Olyphant Interview [IGN via VGB]


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