Hitman And Call Of Duty Guns Made Faker

Hitman And Call Of Duty Guns Made Faker

hitmanLogo_de%20copy.jpgI love a good fake gun. It’s like getting all of the badassness of a real gun without the risk of killing a friend during a casual drunken game of Duck Hunt. That’s why these new Hitman and COD4 rifles from Tokyo Marui are so appealing. Running about $US50 apiece, they are close replicas to guns like the Desert Eagle .50AE (Hitman’s trademark pistols) and H&K MP5 (some old timer gun from COD3).

But we’d prefer if no one bought them at all. Because the first time some kid shoots another kid in the eye, this co-marketing will give legislatures a direct tie between video games and violence idiots.

Gearing plan “Gun Collection” of Tokyo Marui and the spike work releases
[via playgadgets]


  • The signature pistols from Hitman are not Desert Eagle .50 caliper pistols. They are based off AMT Hardballer Long Slides. They are 1911 Frames. They H&K MP5 was not used in WWII it was developed till 1964-1966 Nearly 20 years after WWII’s conclusion. It was put into service in 1966 and is still used today. Perhaps you should get your facts strait before bloggging misinformation.

  • Hitmans trademark guns are modified 1911 45 ACP. They don’t even look like a desert eagle dude, Tokyo Marui guns are incredible pieces of shit, I wouldn’t use them for a doorstop. Furthermore the MP5 is around 50 years old, world war 2 ended around 1945, making it impossible for the mp5 to be there, unless a scientist like yourself has a time machine.
    sorry to be mean, but almost everything you wrote is false.

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