ScrewAttack Announces Iron-Man Of Gaming Tournament

ScrewAttack Announces Iron-Man Of Gaming Tournament founders and video moguls Handsome Tom and Stuttering Craig are spreading their wings and joining up with Video Gamers League to present The Iron-Man of Gaming Tournament. The competition will take place during the Summer 2007 CPL Championships which happens Thursday, August 30 to Sunday, September 2, 2007 (Labour Day Weekend) at the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, Texas. Craig and Tom’s take on gaming tournaments is a little different from the usual in that players will compete in a variety of games rather than just one.

Unlike other tournaments where a player is judged on his skills in a single game, the Iron-Man tests a player’s skills across all eras and all genres. Player will be awarded points on six games – three classic and three current. Each game is weighted equally and the player with the most total points will be declared the Iron-Man winning $US1000 cash and the Iron-Man championship belt.

The games being featured in the competition are:

“¢ Sonic the Hedgehog
“¢ Pac-Man Championship Edition
“¢ Halo 2
“¢ Madden 2008
“¢ Dead or Alive 4
“¢ Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition

All games will be played on Xbox 360s provided they don’t fail during the tournament. To see a couple of videos on the event including a commercial and a breakdown of how the competition will be scored, head on over to

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