"I Wanna Touch that Woman's Butt"

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft

Last night we were watching the World Championship in Athletics, which is being held here in Osaka. Actually! I wasn't really watching (I was blogging!), but Mrs. Bashcraft and Mini-Bash were. Sometime during the pole vaulting, Mini-Bash goes:

I wanna touch that lady's butt. (あの女のお尻触りたいな...)

"Bwah?" His face got red. Mrs. Bashcraft asked him to repeat it so I could hear it (and could make fun of him). Face redder, bright radish red, but he repeated. For the next ten or fifteen minutes, Mrs. Bashcraft told the kid why he can never say anything like that outside of the house and that he can never touch some random female's bottom. It's inappropriate. And! If he did, he would be locked up in jail. For a long time. Alone.

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