id Loves Them Some MotorStorm

id Loves Them Some MotorStorm

ragemotost.jpg id’s Rage is FPS-meets-racing-meets-vechicular-combat-meets-lotsa-sand. So many ideas rolled into one. Sure, id probably had no shortage of FPS ideas — the developer all but invented the FPS. But where did it get those other ideas? From other games! id’s Todd Hollenshead explains:

For other areas, MotorStorm was an influence, and I was a big PGR3 fan, and of course we have some other guys who are racing game fans. But the driving side of it isn’t intended to be a racing simulation like PGR3 or Gran Turismo. It is intended to have the feel and response that you would expect, and one of the things we had to prove to ourselves internally is that we had the capability to drive around in vehicles and have that be a significant aspect of the game and fun.

There’s more! id’s Tim Willits adds:

Rage’s foundation, definitely, is first person shooter, because that’s what we do best… There’s obviously the first person shooting, then there are the driving games that are more arcadey. For me, I’m not a big Ridge Racer fan. The driving isn’t going to be like that, it’s going to be more like MotorStorm, more like Burnout. I really want people, when they play the game, to say, “You know, it wasn’t what I expected from id, but I had a great time doing it.

What interests me isn’t whether id can do a racing game, but rather, how id will balance the racing and shooting so that neither feels shoe-horned in. Can’t wait to find out.
id Interview [Shack News via PS3 Fanboy]

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