I’m In Birthday Cake Hell

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

So I ate birthday cake for breakfast. Lunch? Cake. Dinner? Udon and then cake. There are still a few pieces left, and since the cake was made from fresh cream, we have to eat all up before it goes bad. Frosting, this ain’t! Oddly, birthday cake in Japan seems to mean cake with strawberries. Not a big strawberry fan. Wife doesn’t really like them either. In fact, this year, I requested no strawberries. You know, like a regular birthday cake and of course was given a cake with strawberries.

Gonna go finish up a few mag articles, try to unwind a bit. There’s a bad ass lighting storm here. Will turn all the lights out for full effect. Good thing my MacBook Pro’s keyboard lights up. Heh.

What you missed
Ken Levine says “sorry” for widescreen mess
BioShock murdered some dude’s computer
Sidewinder from various angles
Microsoft’s gaming mouse
Boy fries himself with his 360
I love Johnny Cash

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