How Hard Boiled On Stranglehold Doesn’t Screw Hollywood

How Hard Boiled On Stranglehold Doesn’t Screw Hollywood

hardboiledpic.jpg Newsweek‘s gaming news ranger N’Gai Croal pinged Midway about its upcoming Stranglehold. The non-region free (bastards!) PS3 Special Edition version contains a copy of John Woo’s classic Hard Boiled packed on the same Blu-ray disc. That’s actually a somewhat revolutionary idea: packing games and movies on the same disc for only ten dollars more than the Blu-ray movie. Midway’s Steve Allison, who pitched the original game-movie pairing pack, explains how Midway structured the deal:

The Weinsteins and Genius Products, their home video partner, are very forward thinking on this issue, I have to say. We approached them not knowing their plans for their own re-release of “Hard Boiled” at the end of July. To protect them against worries of cannibalising their release we did two things:

1. We contractually limited the total number of units we would produce to a set number. I can’t tell you the number beyond the fact that it’s a six-figure quantity, and this works to make the Special Edition a real collector’s item–hopefully a part of videogame history in that it’s the first ever SKU to have a game and film on the same disc.

2. The film can only play/launch on a Sony Playstation 3 game system, not from a dedicated Blu-Ray player. This means a videophile can’t buy this for their Blu-Ray player; it’s going to be a gamer who is passionate about this SKU.

We used the master digital tape from the film print and then ourselves converted it to support all HD resolutions, including 1080p. It’s really the storage capacity of Blu-Ray that makes this pairing possible, and it’s still a compelling product.

As mentioned above, they also made this bundle region protected. Bad news for folks who live outside the States! Yes, I understand that they did this due to the movie’s territorial rights, but that still does nothing to muffle the giant sucking sound.
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