Insider Spills Home Beans

home_beta2.jpg Excited about Home? It's the PS3's answer to Xbox Live's Achievements/GamerCard and lets players create a virtual avatar to wander about a virtual world. There is currently a private beta, but no public one. An insider in the private beta has told game site IGN loads of details. The status report after the jump:

• There is only one apartment available now, and it is 15ft by 40ft. • There are four areas — all of which were shown at GDC. • The movie theatre is showing the SPIDER-MAN 3 trailer. There are ten theatre rooms showing game and movie trailers. • The game room is the "most popular room" in the lobby. There are 6 pool tables, 4 bowling lanes and 10 arcade machines. • The friend invite feature has not been implemented yet. • Currently, there is no support for in-home parties. • The face creation system for the avatars is very detailed. The clothing and hair selection is not. Body shape was just added in a recent update and only has an adjustment slider. • The ability to playback HDD content has not been included. • Picture frames are restricted to pre-set photos. • It's not yet possible to play back pack video or audio and TVs or stereos do not appear as available furniture. • You can walk into your own apartment; however, you must be invited to your friends'. You can then warp into your friend's pad. • Friends must invite you while they are in their apartment. • Moving furniture in your apartment is easy and "relatively painless". There is a "good assortment" of furniture to select form. Physics work well. • Currently, there is no trophy room. • Home supported Bluetooth headsets and keyboards from the beta's first day. You must hold R2 to speak. The audio volume is based on people's proximity to you. That means it's possible to have one-on-one conversation while others chit-chat in the background.

The insider also says that some of the features shown at GDC are still not available, while nothing from E3 is. Apparently, Home has added only one update since launch. Games, like chess, were promised, but haven't come. "Also, for some strange reason, my hair changes colour for no reason as I walk in and out of locations," the insider says. What's good? The insider does say it is easy to socialise and have fun doing it. "People generally have a good time," the insider adds. So, there ya go! Not totally finished, still more to add and out this October. Home Beta Insider [IGN via PS3 Fanboy]


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