Ubisoft Puts Women In Their Place

makinbabies.jpgNow that loads of women are buying a DS, somebody needs to teach them things. Like their place. Enter Ubisoft with their Imagine series, aimed at instructing 6-14 year-old girls in the sacred, lost arts of womanhood. Things like cooking, fashion design and the making, and subsequent caring, for babies. Those are actually three of the first games in the series, with further titles to come including things like...Figure Skating, and another cooking game. Because girls are never too young to start learning about the glass ceiling, right Ubisoft? What's next? We kicked a few possible suggestions around Kotaku Tower.


Imagine: Speaking When Spoken To Imagine: Barefoot & Pregnant Imagine: Shut the fuck up bitch, im watchin my wrasslin' Imagine: Not Talking About Who Made A Disparaging Comment About Your Outfit Today Imagine: The Propagation Of Female Gaming Stereotypes

Ubisoft, you can have those for free. Because after all, pigeon-holing is cheap.

Original Press Release [Ubisoft] New Box Art [NeoGAF]


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