Introducing, Kotaku's Sloppy Seconds

JTM-012586.jpgThis was my first 30 minutes on the floor of GC07: Me: "Hey guys, you see that [fill in any major game]is playable?" Everyone else: "Yeah, like at E3 and [fill in five other events, some dating back a decade or more] ."

It sounds great to be part of team Kotaku, flying around the world to cover press events. But as the only resident writer bilingual in video, I'm often off grabbing Crecente his requested "extra, extra low angle" booth babe footage instead of actually playing games. So it's with great joy that I introduce to you my purpose of existence on this planet—to be that guy who shows up fashionably late to the presentation, giving impressions on games you've already read a bit about (though, trust me, not enough...for me to indulge my ego). So stay tuned over the next few days of GC07 for Sloppy Seconds—impressions every bit as desperate as they sound.


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